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Apr 21, 2016

Exhibitions designed to highlight the designer to convey the sense of quality, design, good exhibition design and even clothing created for the second time, accurately express at the same time further lifted, display texture conflict is one expression of exhibition design, instantly catch viewers eyes, let the human eye was shocked.

Conflict of texture contrast, produce visual impact is always very easily that touches your heart strings. Display design intent, which is to let the viewer in an instant by you through Windows, display to convey an emotion, an idea, an attitude touches to make it resonate, Lenovo, reminiscent of more profound artistic conception outside the picture, exhibit design objective has been reached. Different emotional associations of different textures, props by showcasing texture of the conflict against each other, against each other to be more brilliant, dazzling, props by texture, material, color, sizes, gives people a different psychological feeling, pain of rough, smooth, gentle, Blue Blue, Orange bright, large areas of rock, little sympathy. The sparks always glaring and violent conflict between. Your Vertigo due to this light, due to the sudden and surprise.

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