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Metal cigarette display stand with pusher
Jun 09, 2016

Most of the cigarette display stands are made by acrylic. But nowadays, the metal cigarette display stands become popular. Comparing with acrylic stands, the metal cigarette display stands have the following advantages:

1. Metal stands are made from metal sheets, which are not as fragile as the acrylic sheets. The products will remain in good condition during transportation, while the acrylic ones sometimes demaged on the way. 

2. Life span for metal cigarette display stands are longer than the acrylic ones. For indoor use, the metal display stands could be used for not less than 10 years, which is much longer than the acrylic stands.

3. Metal display stands are less expensive than acrylic stands. 

While introducing above advantages of metal cigarette display stands, the disadvantages could not be neglected. For example, the metal ones are heavier and the surface is not as shining as acrylic stands. 

Shanghai Bright Advertising manufactures various shapes of metal cigarette displays. The sizes, metal thickness, shapes could be customized for different customers. The display stand could be either with gravity feeder or pusher system. In order to combine the firmness of metal sheets and shining appearance of acrylic sheets, we combine metal and acylic together in one display stand. Welcome to visit our website at www.brightadvertise.com for more information about our products.

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