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Bright Advertising used to be a specialist company focusing on providing advertising and promotion solution to the cigarette industry. We have been serving cigarettes-related companies across the globe. Nowadays, the company has become an intergraded promotion solution provider to more and more industries. 

In Oct. 2015, the company established its own factory to produce the display products and vending equipments. Meanwhile, Bright Advertising is being closely connected with carefully selected producers nationwide. As a reliable supplier with international outlook, we are ready to offer you our one-stop services so that you can make the best use of the money spent on your marketing and promotion programmes.

The Bright Advertising strength is supported by our ample experience of customer care, in-depth understanding of the industry and vast pool of qualified fabricator base. Based on these resources we are able to not only supply a wide range of customized promotional goods but also provide you with the ideas and design services that you can benefit not anywhere else. You simply leave it to us while you are tasked with searching for a reliable supplier and executing the purchasing plan needed to promote your brands and
boost your sales.

There is no need for you to look after all the trivial details or to take the trouble to get things back on track when something unexpected happens. By conducting in-depth study of the effects of various promotional methods, the end users’ consumption habits as well as different market characteristics, we will act as an unparalleled full-service provider of cost-efficient high-performance promotion that should result in enhancement of our customers’ brand value and its market share.